Bespoke Music Composer for
TV, Film & Advertising


I’m Rui Fradinho, originally from Portugal, and living and working in London since 2008. I am a freelance music composer, extremely passionate about music and I like to create bespoke music for audiovisual content and also library music.
I am a PRS for music member (Reg: 806624934).

I am looking for challenging and exciting music composing work. I intend to expand my portfolio with future work and create a database of clients that they can rely on whenever they need music for their audiovisual content. I believe that music plays a very important role in an audiovisual piece and my focus is to compose music tailored to the mood that you want to apply to your content. I work effectively with a brief and produce my work according to the requirements of the client. I look for feedback for my work so that I can develop it and make it sound better, reaching a suitable and desired effect on the final product.

To understand the background, mood and desired effect that my music will have on your final audiovisual piece it is strongly helpful to have keywords that describe the mood you want to imply. Providing a couple of examples from other pieces of music will ensure I fully understand your needs when commissioning bespoke music. I am very eclectic in terms of music composing styles, ranging from orchestral pieces through to electronic music. If you need any music composed for your content or if you like to use any of my library music tracks (or adjust any of them to suit your content), please contact me and we can discuss your requirements further.

On a personal note, my interests are music production, DJ’ing, sports (skateboarding, snowboarding, gymnastics, tennis), arts in general, hanging out with my friends and travel to sunny destinations like Portugal and Spain.



These are the music tracks that I’ve composed for previous projects I’ve worked on. Clients include the magician Dynamo, Harvey Nichols, a fashion video featured on the TwentyFour fashion website and a feature documentary trailer for Bad Bonobo productions.

For a visual representation of my compositions, please see my showreel below.

Library Music

Below are my library tracks that were composed with several different moods. If you want to use and or adapt any of my library tracks to be used in your content, please contact me so that we can discuss this.


Being passionate about music, I’ve also been DJ’ing for almost 24 years now. Having started in Portugal at a young age, I was a club DJ for 6 years (Sociedade Anonima club in Ericeira, Portugal) and then moved on to play in smaller bars and venues.

In Portugal, I had monthly residences in Bicaense Café and Maria Caxuxa, both in Lisbon, a fortnight residence at Hemingway Cascais marina and DJ’ed twice at the renowned Lux club in Lisbon. In London, I’ve DJ’ed at several private parties and had a monthly residence at Platform bar in London Fields. Vinyl lover and with an eclectic range of styles, you can find below two of my DJ sets.

If you want to listen to the other DJ sets I’ve recorded, please check my Mixcloud profile.